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The modernist movement, at the beginning of the 20th century, marked the first time that the term "avant-garde",

To continually work to achieve our vision we should ensure that we live the brand values and are seen to do so. By developing these competencies and embedding them in our day-to-day actions we will be more able to focus on delivering a better service to our customers.

Builds Art Team - Motivates and builds Art team cohesion

Develops talent & potential - seeks to maximise Art's people talent by personally contributing to the short and long -term development of individuals

Empowers & recognises achievement - Actively seeks to give others meaningful responsibility and is genuinely proud of others achievements

Classical Movements for the Uninitiated: Impressionism
Varsity classical music critic, Alice Rudge, provides an accessible introduction to the world of classical music. First up, Impressionism

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Another fantastic dj/producer who appears courtesy of Andrew and the rest of the crew at BLUE COLLAR ENTERTAINMENT. And this guy is yet another legend in his own right.

He has had plenty of well supported releases on respected labels such as LOWDOWN, AROMA and MUZIQUE BOUTIQUE, and has had a very successful djing career to date . We have some very cool dj sets from the man himself, coming very soon.

The way we live matters.

Scandinavian design encompasses comfort, clean lines and innovation. The combination of functionality and aesthetically beautiful and pleasing design is at the core.

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